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Broadleaf Spice Cupboard

£250.00 inc. VAT

A stylish upgrade to our oak standard spice rack provides your spices with shade from UV extending their lifespan. The useful rail adds space to store towels and kitchen utensils. (18 jars included)


Broadleaf Spice Rack

£85.00£110.00 inc. VAT

A 2 tier (12 jar) or 3 tier (18 jar) spice rack made from solid oak with walnut strips provides ample stylish storage for a multitude of ingredients. (Jars included)

Fan Oak Dipping Board

£35.00 inc. VAT

Hand made solid oak serving platter with rustic stoneware dipping bowl. A statement piece to expand your fine kitchenware collection.

Oriental Bamboo Chopping Board

This 3 ply cross laminated bamboo chopping board is of the highest quality and has been decorated with a unique design by a local artist to inspire creativity in your kitchen.

Skaters Oak Platter

£60.00£70.00 inc. VAT

This uniquely styled serving platter is perfect for domestic or commercial settings. The oak and walnut design comes with a choice in board size and colour of accompanying stoneware dip bowls.

Soup Bowl & Oak Board

£45.00 inc. VAT

Solid oak board accompanied by a stoneware soup bowl. Ideal for serving soup, stew or condaments with space for your side serving.

Spice Colossus

£250.00 inc. VAT

The Broadleaf Spice Colossus is designed with the connoisseur in mind. This oak spice rack is large enough to cater for all your culinary needs. It comes supplied with 30 standard jars and 4 larger ‘Le Parfait’ airtight storage jars.